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WhoDateLinkBrief Description
Password Management
Cuttler, Kenneth6/7/2019Dashlane Password Managerfree and paid versions. Can generate complex passwords and store them. Works with both PC and smart phone (paid version).
Isenberg, Steve6/7/2019KeePassFree, open-source, lightweight, easy-to-use password manager.
Put your passwords and other info (like answers to “secret” questions) in one encrypted file. Copy the file to your PC, Mac, phone, or place it in Dropbox, etc and reference from them. There are many version available on many platforms; no central company has control of your password file.
“Best I've Found and at a price ($0) I can afford” –steve isenberg
Cuttler, Kenneth6/7/2019Spot the StationSee the International Space Station when it is overhead. Free. Enter zip code once when you register. Receive email notices with time and direction to view ISS, usually twice monthly.
Cuttler, Kenneth6/7/2019Pay by PhoneYou will need this to park at many locations, especially downtown, but also on travel. Free.
Cuttler, Kenneth6/7/2019Star WalkIs that a planet? Hold up your phone to the point of interest. Star walk maps the whole sky including stars, planets, constellations and satellites.
Cuttler, Kenneth6/7/2019Google TranslateFor PC or smart phone. Free. Works with sound, typed text, and text images (e.g. street signs, menus). (point your phone at the foreign text and it is translated to English instantly! –smi)
Cuttler, Kenneth6/7/2019Peaks USAIs that Mount Washington? Hold up your smart phone camera to the peak. Peaks USA will label the mountain peaks on the camera image.
Cuttler, Kenneth6/7/2019ShazamWhat's the name of that song playing right now on the radio? Who sang it? Shazam will tell you.
Patrick, Gary5/21/2011 weather forecast for Bedford, MA area from NOAA National Weather Service.
JJ specific for Lexington MA
Patrick, Gary5/21/2011 Clock - Official U.S. Eastern Time from NIST (needs Java plug-in to display time)
Gamota, George5/2/2011PissedConsumerThe best consumer product reviews and complaints site. Write Review and share opinions about products and customer service
Rudy/Gamota5/2/2011SnopesThe definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.
Sherman, Al11/16/2008 Code maps
Sherman, Al5/10/ files to different formats
Sherman, Al Web based email client (free)
Sherman, Al4/22/2012http://www.ConsumerFraudReporting.orgUseful information for dealing with fraud
Sherman, Al8/13/2012 internet and media history. a “Wayback Machine” web archive
Sherman, Al6/5/2014 to cached pages Google, archive, etc.
Sherman, Al2/15/2016, identify, track ocean vessels
Sherman, Al3/10/2017 whether your password was stolen
Sherman, Al7/19/18 large files
Isenberg, Steve6/6/2019Trash Collection and Recycling InfoLexington MA site
Isenberg, Steve6/6/2019What Precinct Am I In?
Isenberg, Steve6/6/2019NoMoRoboIntercepts most annoying marketing calls
Sherman, Al11/16/ Domains, IP, traces, etc. (Network Tools)
Sherman, Al5/6/2012 much information can be retrieved from your browser just by visiting a page. Tells how much your browser reveals about you and your system.
Sherman, Al5/6/2012 to See What Web Sites Your Computer is Secretly Connecting To
Isenberg, Steve6/6/2019Jewish Holidays Calendar
Shopping and Purchasing
Sherman, Al11/16/2008www.mobissimo.comAirline schedules prices
Sherman, Al www.Kayak.comAirline schedules prices
Sherman, Al11/16/2008bostongasprices.comGas prices. (you can customize this with your own list of towns to report each time you use it).
Sherman, Al11/16/2008 Priceline for hotel bargains
Sherman, Al11/16/2008 Insurance
Sherman, Al11/16/2008 purchase
Sherman, Al4/13/2014 cd dvd purchase
Sherman, Al11/16/2008http://zillow.comReal Estate Prices
Sherman, Al3/23/2012 Anything, (US and Canada) Shippers compete to offer bet best rates.  See video explanation.
Sherman, Al4/7/2015 for hotels
Isenberg, Steve6/6/2019Talk to a Real Person in Customer Support
Patrick, Gary1/30/2012http://www.depositaccounts.comFree view of bank financial health ratings, 1-to-5 stars, and shows some financial data and rating measures, as your search result. Site also offers CD rates.
In the main page, click on Banks, Bank Health Rating tab; type in the name of the bank you want, then select from the “hits” by address. Click on the “Health” tab near the bottom of the view that comes up.
Patrick, Gary2/27/2012 view of Weiss financial strength ratings for banks, F-to-A (that is not free info on Weiss' own site). Weiss is a tougher grader than the other sites here.
Click on the button “search for a rating.” In the page that comes up use the uppermost of three typing fields (unlabeled - bug?) to enter Bank Name. You don't have to enter state, but can, and use blank for bank name to see a list of all in a particular state.
Patrick, Gary2/27/2012's ratings of banks or credit unions. Once you obtain the star-rating result, click on “memo” link to see quite a lot of its measures for this bank.
After selecting between bank/credit union, and typing in bank name, look for the red,“See Results” button low on the web page.
Patrick, Gary2/27/2012's ratings of banks, 1-to-5 stars. Any further info costs at least $10 however. Bauer seems to be an easier grader than the others; 4 or 5 stars is common.
Click on “Bank Star Ratings.” You do need to know the home state of the bank, however.
Charity ratings and info
Sherman, Al7/30/2012www.hgrm.orgHousehold Goods Recycling of Massachusetts
Sherman, Al11/16/2008 this a good charity?
Patrick, Gary5/21/2011www.give.orgIs this a good charity? Better Business Bureau rating by its standards for efficiency and clarity.
Patrick, Gary5/21/2011www.greatnonprofits.orgIs this a good charity? Type in a charity name to see if there are testimonials from persons involved in the charity's work.
Patrick, Gary5/21/2011www.givewell.orgIs this a good charity? Really stringent criteria for full disclosure and worthiness of the priorities and impact of the charity's work.
Click on “Charities,” “All Charities,” then use your browser's “Find” facility to search the list.

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