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Finding a Dentist Nearby

If you're looking for a dentist in or near Lexington, here is some information I've collected. This information is geared towards adult dentistry and those accepting Delta Dental insurance (insurance as of January 2021).

Key for comments: [initials-of-person-commenting month/year]

NameDelta Dental?LocationNotes
Dr. Brenda Nishimura ? 922 Waltham St Ste 205
Kites End bldg
Lex/Wal line
[DJW 7/20]They follow up to date dentistry procedures
Keith Asarkof, DMD yes 10 Muzzey St
[JR 7/20]Cautious, does not recommend “unnecessary” work
[MB 7/20]His newish associate Todd Bucari is good also
[RL 7/20]Used him for years, taking lots of [COVID] precautions
Dr. James KostasYes, Premier; BCBS165 Bedford St #2, Burlington
[OY 7/20]I've been going to him for 20 years
Dr. Benjamin Hadar &
Dr. Antebi-Hadar
yes Mass Ave/Bow Ave E. Lex
[JG 7/20](recommends)
[BA 7/20]Dr Hadar is excellent dentist; his wife is pediatric dentist
Dr. Mario Gatti ? Lexington Smile Studio, 922 Waltham St Suite 202, Lexington
[JL 1/21]Dr Gatti took over Dr Fawn Rosenberg's practice when she retired. Rosenberg still works with infants having tongue-tie.
Dr. DeRegis ? Bedford St
[MK 8/21] Dr. DeRegis is terrific
Dr. Jocelyne Bourji ? The Sara Haven Davis practice
120 School St, Lex
[JC 8/21] Highly recommend; very professional, very thorough, very nice, hygienists are also great.
Dr. Krista Manickas ? Mass Ave near Curve St[JT 8/21] Skilled, responsible, kind, flexible, everything I'd want in a dentist. Does Prosthodontia (implants, etc)
Dr. Minal Narayan DMD
Dr. Sathish Palayam DDS
yes 27 Moody St, Lex
[SI 8/21] Took over the Brett Davis practice in 2020. Both do excellent work, personable, conservative, and could squeeze me in last-minute for nontrivial tooth repair.
Dr. Pace, Dr. Vanisky?Burlington Oral and Facial Surgery [NL 1/21] Good experience
[LZ 1/21] Dr. Vanisky, efficient, swift recovery, minimal pain
[AG 1/21] Dr Vanisky, Modern equipment, thorough, explains the procedure, good followup
[BB 1/21] Both Vanisky and Pace were excellent for extractions
Dr. Gregory T. Caldwell?Concord and Lexington Oral Surgery Associates, Lexington MA
[DC 1/21] Free consult and estimated costs
[NR 1/21] All my kids had Caldwell remove their wisdom teeth
[JR 1/21] I asked Caldwell to make me totally unconscious (costs more). Caldwell and staff are excellent.
[DS 1/21] Caldwell honest (refunded unexpected overpaid prepayment when we left the office!), helped son with help at a distance, did my daughter's extractions smoothly

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