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Speakerphone Info

PolySync 40

(Thanks to BK)

Using two 40's in a meeting

Assuming you have charged them up.

  1. Turn on both 40's (see: power button on narrow side, button on the right)
  2. Both will tell you they're powered up and the state of the battery.
  3. Press and hold for a couple of seconds the Link button on both 40's (see: link button on narrow side, button on left)
  4. Hear “connection successful” and LED flashes white on both speakerphones means linking is successful.

Now, you need to connect one of the 40's to the computer in the room that'll be connected for the audience. Call this “Audience PC”.

  • If Audience PC has Bluetooth:
    • Put Audience PC into Bluetooth search mode
    • Go to one of the 40's and press the Bluetooth icon on top of the unit (left side)
    • Make sure Audience PC sees the 40 and connect to it.
  • If Audience PC does not have Bluetooth
    • Using the intrinsic cable on the 40, connect to USB on the Audience PC.

The speakerphones are now set and ready to be used for both microphone and audio speaker.

  • Tell the Audience PC to use the PolySync 40 as its speaker
  • Start Zoom and tell Zoom to use the PolySync 40 as its microphone

Viola, you're all set.

Usage in a conference room

  • Position one of the units near the main presenter. This is the USB connected device or the one paired with the audience PC.
  • Put the other in the middle of the audience seating area. This can easily be picked up and moved around to be closer to any audience speaker.
  • Make sure that both speakerphones are aligned so that they are parallel to the front of the room and parallel to each other.


  • When moving a unit, hold it by the edges. This way you will avoid pushing any of the buttons which might mute the mic or change the speaker volume.
  • A charge should last for many hours longer than any meeting. It's wise to charge them up after a meeting.

Other information

Poly Lens App

Needed to update and customize.

The “official” app download page doesn't work. Here is the link to the working download page

User Manual Notes

Pertinent info from the Polysync 40 user manual download it


Crossing blue patternPairing mode
Solid bluePairing successful (connected)
Flashing greenIncoming call
Solid greenIn a call
Solid redMute active
Crossing white patternLinking mode (daisy chain audio)
Two white blinksLinking successful

Battery status

solid white long barbattery full
solid white medium barbattery high
solid white short barbattery medium
solid redbattery low
red flashesbattery critical

When in standby mode, no LEDs illuminate
Need 5 hours for full charge

Make sure both speakerphones are updated to latest release in Poly Lens Desktop App.

  1. Pair or connect one speakerphone to your PC or mobile device.
  2. Press both Link buttons for 2 seconds. Hear “connecting” and LEDs pulse white.
  3. Hear “connection successful” and LED flashes white on both speakerphones means linking is successful.
  4. Control system from either speakerphone
  5. End linking by pressing both Link buttons for 2 seconds, hear “device disconnected”
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